Its start's with you...

For me, Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes.

You can be confident in one thing and not the other, confident one day and not the other.

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself"

At some point in life, someone is going to tear you down, make an assumption about you or even label you. You are not in charge of other people's opinions of you but you are in charge of you own.

I am..

I am Powerful

I am Strong

I am Beautiful

I am Happy

I am Healthy

I am Kind

I am Successful

I am Funny

I am confident

It's time to start refocusing our language to lift ourselves and supporting those around us. If we want change in the world, we must be confident enough to be the change in the world.

Photography by:

Instagram: @thebanfield

Instagram: @liamcotter



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