What do you do at Powerhouse?

Powerhouse Social Ltd is an online personal training platform that promotes fitness and general wellbeing. We provide workouts and personalised programmes that are accessible for everyone using all major devices.

How does online personal training work?

 All of our online programs are carried out via Zoom Cloud meetings. (https://zoom.us/download). You will need to book a session via the personal training page or classes and you will be sent a direct link to your Zoom meeting room. Please ensure you have downloaded Zoom cloud meetings on your device before your session begins. Our coach will guide you through your workout with the help of video call via Zoom. If you need extra assistance or have further enquiries for technological help, please fill in the contact me form or call the number provided.

How do I download zoom onto my device?

Do not forget to create an account, IT'S FREE!

Are all your workouts online?

The training sessions advertised are for online personal training in the comfort of your own home, using any technological device, that supports Zoom cloud meetings: https://zoom.us/download . Park workouts and home visits are available upon request. Please fill in the "contact me" page or call the number provided to request availability.

Will I meet my coach before my session?

Your fitness coach will be in contact with you as soon as you book your session!

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

If you are a beginner, just a mat or a towel to lay on will do! If equipment is needed for a specific session, your coach will inform you.

Is it a one-time workout or a training program?

Powerhouse offers full online workout programme with SMART goals  for up to 12 months. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a shorter program, let us know, and we will provide you with an individual training plan!

Will I be able to choose how many times a week I want to workout?

Yes. At Powerhouse, we do our best to make our online workout programs as personalised as possible. As soon as you select one of our packages, you will be able to choose the frequency of workouts - 2, 3 or 4 times a week. If you are looking for something different, hit us a message or call the number provided and we will create a tailored program for you!

Do you provide any support?

Yes, we do. Your online fitness coach will be available for you via email, messages and even phone! Therefore, if you have any issues with your workout routine, or simply lack motivation to pursue your goals, contact your personal trainer, and they will help you out!

Will you anyhow track my progress?

Regardless of what package you choose, your online personal trainer will have reviews with you every 5-6 weeks to track your progress. You will be able to share how you feel physically and mentally, and whether there is visible progress. Reviews are essential to ensure your programme is going to plan. Plans may need to be modified by your coach from time to time.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

Jade  is a Level 4 corrective exercise specialist. specialising in nueromuscularskeletal dysfunction. Please do not worry if you have any injuries or you have not exercised for a long time, as you are in the hands of a safe and knowledgeable trainer.

What if I travel often?

Then Powerhouse online personal training is a perfect solution for you! Our workout programs can be adapted to full bodyweight exercises to keep your strength and keep your progress going. No need for carrying heavy equipment, finding a gym or personal trainer wherever you travel. Just make sure your fitness coach is informed about your upcoming trip beforehand, so that they temporarily modify your workout program to suit your needs.

I want to cancel my online personal training subscription. How do I do that?

We would hate to see you go. However, if for some reason you decide to cancel your subscription, please let us know via email at thepowerhousesocial@gmail.com, and we will cancel your subscription starting from the next planned payment date. 



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