Powerhouse a social community platform, inspiring people to exercise. Providing training and support for individuals; to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Powerhouse’s mission is to help individuals reduce isolation and mental health issues such as Depression and anxiety. We want to help individuals find empowerment, inner peace and provide support for mental and physical health.  

Accessible from all devices, making it easy for anyone to move in the safe hands of a knowledgeable trainer.

Founded by Jade Anderson, movement specialist and mother of two, Jade wanted to give everyone the opportunity to move, find inner strength and become more confident.


The Powerhouse Personalised Programme

Personal Training

  • Postural, movement and fitness assessments.

  • One hour personalised workouts tailored to suit your needs.

  • Choose a routine that works for you (x2 a week, x3 a week, x4 a week)

  • One year plan/Schedule.

  • Fortnightly nutritional ideas

  • 5-6 week Goal reviews

  • On call/message/email help and advice.

  • Accessible anywhere

     using devices compatible with Zoom cloud meetings such as Ipad's, Iphone's, laptop's and Computers.


Corrective exercise

Corrective exercise is a term used to describe the process of identifying a neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. Once identified trainers can strategise and develop a plan of action. This process requires knowledge, an application of an integrated assessment process, corrective programme design and exercise technique.



Pilates is a series of movement and specific breathing techniques that enhances your strength, flexibility & co-ordination. It is designed to reduce stress, improve mental focus and overall improve your well-being.


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